Rufus Update 2012

Rufus Update 2012 - Hello fellow mancats, ladycats and beans. Hope you're all having a great 2012.

My beans got hitched! I'm living it up NYC style. What are you all up to?

This post is dedicated to Rufus' favorite human ever - Aunt Brian!

Rufus Update

Hello everyone! Long time no blog!

Just wanted to report that Rufus is doing well! We've moved back to Rufus' hometown, New York City (hence the lack of updates...)! We're all glad to be back!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Toilet Training Update

Hey fur-iends!

We've been so busy. We moved & I have been logging a lot more hours at work. This has left us with very little time to post about Rufus' progress on the CitiKitty. I plan to write up a very detailed post about how it's going but first, I wanted let everyone know where Rufus is with the training.

Rufus is doing great on the system! We've had our accidents and it has been rough with just ONE lone restroom. But it's been an amazing 3 weeks of training. Rufus is getting it and seems to be aiming for the hole! Ha!

More details and pictures to come soon! We miss our fellow bloggers and hope to catch up soon. :)

Nothing like a random, mis-matched photo of Rufus to go with a post!

Down With Litter!

We have been a little behind (OK, OK! Really behind!) on our posts but Rufus and I promise that the next few posts will make up for that. What could we possibly have to make up for only one measly post thus far in March?

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words...

No, your eyes do not deceive you! That is, indeed, a cat toilet training kit.

Checking in with his handsome face. :)

On Patrol

The beans have been busy and so has Rufus. Look who's on patrol!

Looking to the right...

Looking to the left!

Making the most of these windows before we move! Yes, we're moving to a new place this month!

Snuggled Up

Oh my goodness, the updates are being posted too far and few between. I have been out of town AGAIN! The boys (Rufus and cat daddy) are home alone once more. I don't imagine much more than this going on around the house between the two of them...

A whole lot of laying around!

Nothing like a fleece blanket and pillow to sleep in during the winter... even if it is sunny Southern California!