Silence While Rufus Is Being Cute Please

This is his "Shut Up & Look At How Cute I Am" face. I think we all have no choice but to obey.

A Big Thank You To The Monkeys! :)

Rufus has been meaning to show off the fabulous toy he won from the even more fabulous Monkeys! It's been due for months!

It's very good exercise when Rufus actually gets up and chases the ball.

He wants you to look deep, very deeeeeep into his eyes.

This is the best picture I could get of Rufus playing with the toy. Sometimes he likes to use toys as pillows more than playthings! (Here he's doing a little of both. Feline multi-tasking at its best, yes?) It can't be helped!

We plan to review this toy soon! Thanks again, Samson and Delilah!

Don't Be Fooled By This Box of Cherries!

It's been a while since Rufus parked his butt in a box. To mitigate your withdrawal...

Don't you just love how he props his head up on the edge of the box? As if he would use his own neck muscles!