Rufus is a Fan of Rufus

Rufus has really gotten into the habit of sticking his head right into my laptop! He was polite here. He usually hurls his body onto the keyboard.

Wheatgrass: Day 11

It's almost eating time!

At Rufus Raves, we always appreciate a close up. :)

Video: Paddled Kitty

Here is an intensely funny clip Rufus would like to share. Don't forget to turn your volume up!

Wheatgrass: Day 9

Our first mini-blade of wheatgrass has sprung up from the dirt! Woohoo!

The close up! Can you see it?

Wheatgrass: Day 8

The seeds! We can see they have formed little roots! Grass is on its way!

Intruder Alert!

Rufus spends most hours of the day fast asleep. Once night time hits, he is up and running from window to window waiting for the neighborhood cats to walk into our yard. (He's an indoor cat so that's as close as he can get to them!)

I often have no idea what he sees. It's dark and there are a lot of plants. The only thing I know is, once his tail is thrashing... there is something in our yard!

I've seen all sorts of cats but I've only caught one on camera.

Fat little guy, isn't he? I lured him in with food for a better look. (Rufus did NOT like that one bit!)

Here is the cat trying to come inside Rufus' turf!

We haven't seen him since but Rufus has his eyes peeled every night.

Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box

This our fave litter box we've ever had. Why?

Rufus likes the privacy of this litter box. I like that the littler stays in the Booda Dome's mini staircase and not on our floors. And we both really, really like that the smells are greatly reduced.

It's easy to clean! (I wouldn't know since poppa bean cleans it ...but he let us know!) The lid pops off without a fight and the surface that needs the biggest cleaning is curved. No caked on messes trapped in any corners or edges! There's a filter at the top that really works at keeping the stinkiness at bay as well.

It looks cooler than any other cat box too, almost like some sort of a space pod.

Rufie Rating: Three paws!

Wheatgrass: Day 6

We think we have progress! It looks like some of the seeds have begun to germinate!

Is That A New Box!?

I made a run to Costco and look who came out to help me unload the groceries!

Tomaters!!! Yum?

He loves his boxes!

Rufus' Favorite Spot

Rufus at his favorite window.

He always sits here when momma bean or poppa bean go out so he can be the first to know when they are back!

The view at this window is way, way better than the one at our last place. That one was 11 stories high, in the middle of downtown Manhattan, and surrounded by skyscrapers. He'd only see an occasional flying pigeon and little ant-sized people walking around.

Los Angeles offers more sights! Now he sees dogs, squirrels, hummingbirds, possums, seagulls, and of course, other cats! What an upgrade!

Wheatgrass: Day 4

The suspense is killing us!

Wheatgrass: Day 3

Still waiting!

"Sorry, Fido, It’s Just a Guy Thing"

Rufus and I have just read another fab NYT article - "Sorry, Fido, It’s Just a Guy Thing"!

Courtesy: New York Times

We've highlighted the best parts ...

"It seems that man’s best friend is no longer a golden retriever, but a cuddly cat named Fluffy."

“Straight men with cats seem to be really secure and stable. They don’t need to be running around the park and proving their masculinity like the dog guys.”

Cheers to all the cat dudes out there! :)

Wheatgrass: Day 2

Nothing yet!

Gramma's Scarf

Rufus' Gramma knit him a beautiful blue scarf.

The funny thing is Rufus doesn't take well to wearing anything around his neck. He can't wear a collar longer than an hour or so but he loved this!

It's a good look, no?

Wheatgrass, Please!

Rufus is an avid lover of GREENS! He's made it clear that he wants his greens by having his way with my plants.

This is my lucky plant with one ravaged leaf.

A close up of the ravaged leaf.

My poor orchid. Rufus has placed a tooth hole in each of its leaves!

Based on stuff I've read, no one really knows why cats like to eat leaves and plants. They are 100% carnivores and would be in big trouble if they didn't get their fill of MEATS! Some say greens help aid digestion and prevent furballs. I'm sure Rufus knows but he won't say!

So here it is day one of Project: Wheatgrass. The seeds have been planted in some organic dirt and watered. All we have to do now is sit back and wait.

Rufus can't wait for the delicious blades of grass to shoot up and out so he can begin the munching.

The best part about growing the grass is that it grows fairly quick. I've done this once before and I think this batch should be ready for a nibble in the next two weeks! And it'll last for a few weeks after that!

Wellness 'Pure Delight' Jerky Treats

Rufus loves meat and treats. You would think this would be an automatic favorite. I bought a bag of these in place of his fall back favorites on a visit to the local Petco. What a mistake.

Rufus won't eat these unless they are hidden in his food or some are left in his bowl overnight. (He gets desperate when he's got the midnight munchies!) I can't understand it. It's food!

Rufus sampled the Beef Jerky flavor so this is the only flavor we can comment on. The other flavors might be better. Pricewise, these are a little more costly than some other treats that Rufus actually enjoyed. It's safe to say we won't be buying these again.

Rufie Rating: One paw

"The Cat Lady Conundrum"

The New York Times published "The Cat Lady Conundrum" a little over a year ago. It is one of the craziest pieces of cat news I have ever read.

The article sheds light on a parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, that can alter its host to become very tolerant (or worse, attracted to) cat pee.

Hence, the bucket loads of cats in the possession of your local 'cat lady.' Speaking of which, Rufus and I strongly dislike the term cat lady. Why?

Cause this is the first thing that pops into our minds!

Rufus In a Box

I'm not sure what Rufus' deal is with boxes but if I had a dollar for every time I caught that boy in a box, I'd be rich!!

Here he is, sleeping in a box not too long after his move to Los Angeles!

Same time period, different box. Looking quite like the cozy dude.

In a Costco box.


"Cats - the Online Stars" recently posted an article titled 'The Internet is Made of Kittens'. Here are a few choice nuggets from said article...

"...there are almost no movies about cats. Untrainable, skittish and unpredictable beasts that they are, cats are a bust in Hollywood."

"The internet is the best thing that ever happened to cats."

" Cats are a brilliant blank slate."


How true! Cats are silent and enigmatic. This allows them to assume nearly any crazy, grammatically incorrect saying a human mind can concoct. Would LOLdogs work as well? Probably not!

Cosmic Cardboard Scratcher

Rufus has a tendency to scratch rugs and carpets, so anything that'll take those claws elsewhere is very welcome!

My cat took well to this product immediately. It might have been the catnip. I'm not sure there is anything more entertaining than a cat getting his catnip fix. It is stupidly delightful. :)

He scratches when he's bored, after he goes and following meals. I think having more than one really helps if your cat has a scratching problem.

This product is great because it's made of paper. Green is good! The part that is scratched can be flipped which doubles the life of the product. When it's scratched down to nothing, scratcher replacements can be used. There is less waste since you don't have to throw the whole thing away.

I love that there is a dangly toy inside the scratcher to keep him interested. Rufus actually didn't even notice there was anything in there until many months later. Hiding a treat or two in there will keep any cat interested and coming back for more scratches.

Here's Rufus sniffing out the catnip!

Rufie Rating: Four Paws!

Hartz Hairball Remedy

Rufus never had a hairball problem but I bought the Hartz Hairball Remedy as a precaution when I first adopted him. I wanted to make sure I'd be prepared for anything that could happen.

Rufus loved the taste of this. He lapped it up like there was absolutely no tomorrow. I gave it to him on a few occasions. Shortly thereafter, I discovered something hard under his chin while I was petting him. I had no idea what it was and soon found that it was a scab the size of a dime.

I couldn't pinpoint what it was at first but through trial and error, it became clear this product was the culprit. It made him itchy and he would scratch his chin with his hind paw till he bled. When I discontinued use, the scabs went away.

Please also note that this brand of pet products has been known to cause problems in pets so use extra caution when you use anything manufactured by Hartz on your furry buddies.

Rufie Rating: 0 paws :(

The Rufie Rating System

Rufus rates all his products on a four paw scale.

Four Paws! is the highest honor. It's the best of the best and Rufus can't live without it.

Three Paws!
denotes a very good product. It's recommended by Rufus.

Two Paws! signifies a good product. Rufus likes it!

One Paw! is an OK rating. Rufus doesn't care for or against a reviewed product.

Zero Paws! is a good sign to stay away, far far away from the reviewed product.

We occasionally get freebies from companies but all the products we review are done so without bias. Rufus, like all cats, cannot be bought! Either he likes it or he doesn't!

Rufus' Adoption

I was living in the city and had a mouse problem in two different apartments. I put up with it for a long time but I got very fed up with mouse turds everywhere and my food being broken into! I'm not sure there is anything worse than reaching into a bag of chips and discovering a chewed hole at the bottom. Is it worse that I touched the contaminated food or that the mice got to my delicious chips before I did? I can't say.

For weeks, I deliberated whether or not I could take on the responsibility of adopting a cat. It's for life! I had adopted a kitten from a friend a few months prior, found the young cat to be more than I could handle, and returned him back to my friend.

When I finally decided that I was ready and willing to adopt a (grown-up!!) cat, I scoured the city looking for the right guy. I looked for a while and none of the cats I saw felt right.

For reasons beyond my understanding, I had decided that I wanted my cat to be named 'Rufus.'

One day while I was at work, I decided to search ASPCA's website. Lo and behold, they had a cat named RUFUS! His picture was adorable and his brief bio made him sound like precisely what I was looking for. I went in a few days later. I gave him a look and felt him out. I filled out all the papers and left within the hour with Rufus!

How fateful!

If you're considering bringing a cat into your home, please adopt. When you visit a shelter, it's almost as if these cats know you can show them a better life. They are such sweet animals! You save money on shots as well as spaying and neutering as all the cats are given checkups before they are made available for adoption. The adoption fees go into feeding and taking care of other animals. It's a win-win for you, your new pet and those that are still waiting for their new homes.

Meet Rufus

Rufus is an American Shorthair adopted from the ASCPA of New York City. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He is approximately 2 years old.

Rufus is curious and friendly, especially with the ladies. When he was first adopted, he was not classified as a lap cat. Over time, he has morphed into a bona fide lap cat. He enjoys chasing balls and bell toys. Dogs love Rufus but Rufus is terrified of almost all four legged animals, other cats included. In fact, he doesn't take well to stuffed animals either.

Some of Rufus' quirks ...

- He loves to chew on drum sticks. (Not chicken, the sticks with which you beat a drum.)
- He rarely meows.
- He likes to dip his paw in his water bowl before he takes a sip.
- The tip of his left ear is missing. (We now know that's because he's been neutered!)
- He understands when asked if he is hungry for dinner.
- There isn't a cardboard box on Earth he does not like to sit/sleep in.
- When he purrs, his left eye gets a little lazy.
- He possesses a deep fascination with chair and table legs. He bats at them often.

Please note anything and everything written is the opinion of Rufus. He is not a veterinarian of any sort so please use your discretion when trying products. When in doubt, definitely consult your vet. Thanks and mew!