Toilet Training Update

Hey fur-iends!

We've been so busy. We moved & I have been logging a lot more hours at work. This has left us with very little time to post about Rufus' progress on the CitiKitty. I plan to write up a very detailed post about how it's going but first, I wanted let everyone know where Rufus is with the training.

Rufus is doing great on the system! We've had our accidents and it has been rough with just ONE lone restroom. But it's been an amazing 3 weeks of training. Rufus is getting it and seems to be aiming for the hole! Ha!

More details and pictures to come soon! We miss our fellow bloggers and hope to catch up soon. :)

Nothing like a random, mis-matched photo of Rufus to go with a post!

Down With Litter!

We have been a little behind (OK, OK! Really behind!) on our posts but Rufus and I promise that the next few posts will make up for that. What could we possibly have to make up for only one measly post thus far in March?

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words...

No, your eyes do not deceive you! That is, indeed, a cat toilet training kit.

Checking in with his handsome face. :)

On Patrol

The beans have been busy and so has Rufus. Look who's on patrol!

Looking to the right...

Looking to the left!

Making the most of these windows before we move! Yes, we're moving to a new place this month!

Snuggled Up

Oh my goodness, the updates are being posted too far and few between. I have been out of town AGAIN! The boys (Rufus and cat daddy) are home alone once more. I don't imagine much more than this going on around the house between the two of them...

A whole lot of laying around!

Nothing like a fleece blanket and pillow to sleep in during the winter... even if it is sunny Southern California!

Laundry Helper

Look who's helping with the laundry...


And he's "helping" by depositing his furs all over the clean clothes.

His job here is done.

PETCO Eco-Scratcher Scratching Post

My, oh my! It's been a while since we last reviewed a product! The holidays are over and now we have all the time in the world! (Ok, I don't but Rufus does...) We are glad to present our very first product review of 2010 for the PETCO Eco-Scratcher Scratching Post .

You may remember this as Rufus' Christmas present, which we all know he loved! He took to the scratcher without any direction or catnip. It is made of 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. (The tag it came with tells us it saved four plastic bottles from entering a landfill.) It's better than a cardboard scratcher because it's more durable and much easier to clean up- no cardboard bits all over the floor.

The only thing that could be improved about this product is the dangling feather toy. Rufus ripped it off in hours. I had to re-affix it with a very strong glue. Also, it's a bit lightweight. Rufus pushes this thing all over the room and it gets knocked over quite easily. It doesn't prevent Rufus from digging in with his claws even if it's on its side so it's not a big deal.

We got it on sale for 10 smackers! (What a DEAL!) Rufus loves it to pieces, literally. We are very happy with this scratcher and leave you with these candid photos of Rufus and his lovely scratcher.

Let me warn you, these are the craziest pictures of Rufus I have ever taken...

Cuddling the post violently.

The post is off the ground here...

He is walking and laying at the same time.

There is no caption good enough to supplement this picture.

Rufie Rating: Three Paws!

The Strange Kitty

Who is this guy, this doppelganger of Rufus!?

It's Leroy!

He lives in Florida.

And he was a roomie of Rufus' for a brief stint in 2008.

So no, Rufus is not getting a brother (not this year at least!). We were in Florida for a week or two for the holidays and we got to spend it with Leroy and two others. These guys...



It was a full house but a super fun holiday! We hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far. (Especially since the mystery cat has been revealed. )

HEY! That Isn't Rufus!

Hope everyone had a great holiday! We sure did! But Rufus had to spend quite a few days alone since us beans were in Florida... with another cat!

There's a teaser picture! Will post more once everything gets settled!