Dinner With An Extra.. Something!

See this?

I asked my boyfriend to feed Rufus the other night. I didn't think much of it until I walked by Rufus' bowl and saw the above. Yes, folks...that is mozzarella cheese. I am not sure what possessed him to sprinkle extra cheese on the cat's dinner but it cracked me up.

"Happy or Hungry? Deciphering Cat Purrs"

CBS released a short piece titled, "Happy or Hungry? Deciphering Cat Purrs" today!

Did you know some cats can vocalize their purrs differently when they are hungry? It's supposed to sound like a baby's cry and thus mobilize humans to feed them quicker. Clever!

I'm not sure Rufus knows how to emit the high pitched purr/meow but he always answers out loud when I ask if he's hungry!

That's Not A Pillow!!

Cats like naps. Naps usually require pillows. Whether they are of the feather-filled variety or a pair of tucked cat legs...

...but a hair dryer?!


Feline Greenies Treats

Rufus' favorite treats are Greenies. He's walked away from many treats, including but not limited to jerky treats and cheese flavored treats. I know, who would think a cat would refuse meat/cheese flavored anything!? Well, Rufus can't get enough of these babies. Once he hears the bag rustle, he scurries as fast as his little legs can carry him over.

These small, green treats help clean teeth and freshen breathe all at the same time. Though you are supposed to feed a certain number a day for those benefits to kick in. These are a carb-y treat so I usually watch how many I give to Rufus. (I am watching his figure and he's already being fed special food to help with oral care.)

Another plus, they are often on sale and one bag lasts for weeks and weeks. He loves the Salmon and Beef flavors best.

Oh and best of all, everyone can try these out. Greenies is offering free samples! Check it out and see if your meow machine will be a fan too.

Rufie Rating: Four paws! :)


What a great July 4th! Rufus wasn't even startled by the fireworks one bit! He spent the better part of the day sleeping and waiting for dinner. Here are a few choice shots.

Not sure why he picked this spot. Maybe the bag still had the essence of cupcakes? Wouldn't be a surprise cause Rufus has been known to sneak licks of icing off unattended cupcakes.