PETCO Coupon Codes

Hi everyone! Just thought we would share some coupon codes for PETCO. They are having a sale and offering coupon codes on top of that!

25FS1023 - Free shipping on orders $25 and up!

allnew09 - Get 10% off your online order, no minimum purchase required!

Please note restrictions apply, the coupons expire on 10/29/2009, and they can't be used simultaneously.

We are looking forward to getting a new scratcher and more Petromalt for Rufus!

Now go... GO and SAVE!!

Frontline Plus for Cats

We had an unfortunate run-in with fleas recently. I was grossed out and had to quarantine Rufus until the fleas went away. Luckily, that didn't last long with Frontline Plus for Cats!

We bought a 6 pack from the vet on our last visit which sat in a cabinet unopened, collecting dust. As everyone now knows, I did not take the vet's warnings about fleas seriously and was not vigilant about giving Rufus regular doses. OK, OK I've learned my lesson!!

Frontline Plus is great. It's waterproof, so you can still give your cat a flea bath. (I personally did not do that. I felt bad enough about locking Rufus in our spare bedroom for a few days. Giving him a bath on top of that would just be too cruel.) It was easy to administer. Just snap the applicator open and drip the liquid directly onto the skin between the shoulder blades. Rufus didn't even know I did it. The package states it kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks and chewing lice and BOY, did it deliver. Within a few days, all traces of the bugs disappeared. I was delighted!!

Now the big question is - How does an indoor cat suddenly catch fleas? We think it has something to do with all the loose neighborhood cats running around at all hours of the night. I am convinced Rufus has a girlfriend who enters our yard and visits him at his window regularly. (My boyfriend swears he has seen the cat and had to shoo it away one night.)

Bottom line, we are very pleased with this product. Please note it isn't cheap but you can buy them in smaller increments (packs of three or six versus a year's supply). And most importantly, it works!

Woohoo, no more fleas!

Rufie Rating: Four Paws!!

Couched In!

We were shifting our couch around while setting up our home office and look who made himself comfortable before we had a chance to decide where everything should go...

Yep, Rufus.

(Who doesn't look too pleased!)