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Petromalt Hairball Relief

Rufus is getting older and is starting to get hairballs. Hairballs had only been the stuff of legend to me, the kind of thing I'd only see in cartoons. Never before had I seen anything like it and now that I have, I will do anything to make sure I don't ...ever again. This is where the Petromalt comes in.

Creepiest picture of Rufus ever.

Lapping it up!

Rufus loves the taste of this stuff. I give him a little strip each day and the hairballs have been gone since I purchased the product. One tube has been lasting us for weeks so that's also a plus.

I've given Rufus other hairball preventatives in the past but he usually reacts badly to them. When I gave him some of the Hartz Hairball Remedy or hairball control dry food, he itches himself to the point of breaking skin and scabbing. Rufus hasn't shown any adverse reaction to the Petromalt. We recommend this product!

Rufie Rating: Four Paws!

Flea Update

Well, Rufus doesn't seem to be itching much. But then again, he wasn't scratching himself more than usual when I first spotted the fleas.

I've administered some Frontline Plus. I also started rubbing a solution of apple cider vinegar and water on his fur, as close to his skin as possible. (A cheap and safe home remedy) I also bought a flea collar. I haven't put it on him but I placed it right where he sleeps.

So far so good, I haven't seen any other fleas and he's lounging out on the rug right now. :) It's good to know we aren't the only ones who have had this problem!

*Happy Labor Day everyone! :)

Oh, no!

The v-e-t warned us that fleas were a real problem in our parts but his warnings went unheeded. It was assumed that indoor mancats would be safe. The beans got lax with the treatments and what do you know...

someone's got FLEAS!

(Yea, it's Rufus.)

Any of you lovely readers have any good remedies to get rid of these fleas? We would love to hear them!