Happy Holidays!

This could very well be our last entry of the year, so we want to wish everybody a very happy holiday season. Christmas came early for Rufus this year. He's got himself a new scratching post with an attached dangly feather toy.

His 'For me?!' face.

Sniffing, studying, inspecting.

Verdict: He hates it. Haha, just kidding.

Gripping onto it with everything he's got. Good thing he doesn't have to share.

*In true Rufus fashion, it has not even been 24 hours since he received this lovely gift and the feather toy has been ripped clear off the scratching post. Very nice.


Snug As a Bug....

...IN A BOX!!

It's a tight fit, but a box is a box!

Rufus in complete and utter bliss.

Rufus ends this photo opportunity.

Birthday Box...

It was my birthday this past Saturday and a friend sent me a package. I brought it to the living room and had to tend to other things before I could open it. Guess what I saw when I came back to it?

Rufus claiming the box.

I pushed it to a different spot. He didn't budge. He kind of enjoyed the ride.

I waited for him to bore of it. He didn't, of course. Turned it into a new napping spot.

His "please share" face.
(I couldn't, it was all chocolate! Even the cat dad barely got a bite!)

Back From the Vet

Rufus is sick! He's been sneezing a bit for a couple of days and we had to take him in to see the vet today.

The vet says he has an upper respiratory infection and gave him three different medicines. (Neither Rufus nor I is pleased with this! He is quite the squirmy guy when you try to give him something he doesn't want and I feel just terrible for him.) This is the first time Rufus has gotten sick but he is in very good spirits.

Also, the vet says Rufus is a bit overweight at 15 lbs. Looks like we will need to cut back on the stinky goodness! Poor guy, this is not the best day for him!

A New 'Toy'

I've spent a tidy sum buying Rufus toys. Wands, balls, track toys, you name it, I've bought it! He likes them initially but gets bored. Then he discovered a loose shoelace and things have not been the same!

Rufus posing with his new favorite 'toy'!

The bright side- shoelaces are cheap! I wonder what other unintentional cat 'toys' he'll like...

Helping Around the Office

Here is Rufus hard at "work" in our home office.

Blocking movement of the office chair.

Sniffing table legs.

PETCO Cat and Kitten Shampoo

There is only one four letter word for Rufus and that is B-A-T-H.

Nobody in this house is a fan of cat baths. But it had to be done. Rufus had a smelly behind.

Rufus knew something was amiss when we got home from the pet store. He tried running but Cat dad, in his thickest claw-proof sweatshirt, scooped him up. There was a bit of resistance but the whole thing lasted no more than five minutes.

The shampoo was great. It lathered up nicely and didn't have an overly strong fragrance. I didn't wash Rufus' head so I can't speak about its tear-free qualities. We picked this particular shampoo because it was for kittens and figured it would be a gentle formula. The shampoo cost around $9, which is not a bad price as I expect to use it for a while.

Here are the few pictures I took before I felt bad and made Rufus the biggest stinkiest pile of dinner.

Ashamed to be photographed in this state, Rufus attempts to hide his face.

He may not be a happy camper but he sure is clean!

Even though Rufus did not enjoy receiving the bath, you could tell he was very pleased with the results. Rufus' coat was so clean and soft! The bath did a super job of washing away much of his loose fur. He was strutting around the house displaying his perfect coat to everyone.

Rufie Rating
: Four Paws!

[FYI to those more timid about bathing their feline friends, Rufus thoroughly enjoys waterless baths a la Petkin Kitty Wipes!]

Saving It For Later...?

Water. We all drink it. But do you know the difference between Rufus and the rest of us when it comes to water?

Dribble. Can you see it?

Too busy contemplating the mysteries of the universe to notice the dribble...

Or maybe he's saving those droplets for later...in case he gets thirsty again.

PETCO Coupon Codes

Hi everyone! Just thought we would share some coupon codes for PETCO. They are having a sale and offering coupon codes on top of that!

25FS1023 - Free shipping on orders $25 and up!

allnew09 - Get 10% off your online order, no minimum purchase required!

Please note restrictions apply, the coupons expire on 10/29/2009, and they can't be used simultaneously.

We are looking forward to getting a new scratcher and more Petromalt for Rufus!

Now go... GO and SAVE!!

Frontline Plus for Cats

We had an unfortunate run-in with fleas recently. I was grossed out and had to quarantine Rufus until the fleas went away. Luckily, that didn't last long with Frontline Plus for Cats!

We bought a 6 pack from the vet on our last visit which sat in a cabinet unopened, collecting dust. As everyone now knows, I did not take the vet's warnings about fleas seriously and was not vigilant about giving Rufus regular doses. OK, OK I've learned my lesson!!

Frontline Plus is great. It's waterproof, so you can still give your cat a flea bath. (I personally did not do that. I felt bad enough about locking Rufus in our spare bedroom for a few days. Giving him a bath on top of that would just be too cruel.) It was easy to administer. Just snap the applicator open and drip the liquid directly onto the skin between the shoulder blades. Rufus didn't even know I did it. The package states it kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks and chewing lice and BOY, did it deliver. Within a few days, all traces of the bugs disappeared. I was delighted!!

Now the big question is - How does an indoor cat suddenly catch fleas? We think it has something to do with all the loose neighborhood cats running around at all hours of the night. I am convinced Rufus has a girlfriend who enters our yard and visits him at his window regularly. (My boyfriend swears he has seen the cat and had to shoo it away one night.)

Bottom line, we are very pleased with this product. Please note it isn't cheap but you can buy them in smaller increments (packs of three or six versus a year's supply). And most importantly, it works!

Woohoo, no more fleas!

Rufie Rating: Four Paws!!

Couched In!

We were shifting our couch around while setting up our home office and look who made himself comfortable before we had a chance to decide where everything should go...

Yep, Rufus.

(Who doesn't look too pleased!)

Equal Opportunity Napper

Where won't a cat nap?

And what won't they sleep through?

Petromalt Hairball Relief

Rufus is getting older and is starting to get hairballs. Hairballs had only been the stuff of legend to me, the kind of thing I'd only see in cartoons. Never before had I seen anything like it and now that I have, I will do anything to make sure I don't ...ever again. This is where the Petromalt comes in.

Creepiest picture of Rufus ever.

Lapping it up!

Rufus loves the taste of this stuff. I give him a little strip each day and the hairballs have been gone since I purchased the product. One tube has been lasting us for weeks so that's also a plus.

I've given Rufus other hairball preventatives in the past but he usually reacts badly to them. When I gave him some of the Hartz Hairball Remedy or hairball control dry food, he itches himself to the point of breaking skin and scabbing. Rufus hasn't shown any adverse reaction to the Petromalt. We recommend this product!

Rufie Rating: Four Paws!

Flea Update

Well, Rufus doesn't seem to be itching much. But then again, he wasn't scratching himself more than usual when I first spotted the fleas.

I've administered some Frontline Plus. I also started rubbing a solution of apple cider vinegar and water on his fur, as close to his skin as possible. (A cheap and safe home remedy) I also bought a flea collar. I haven't put it on him but I placed it right where he sleeps.

So far so good, I haven't seen any other fleas and he's lounging out on the rug right now. :) It's good to know we aren't the only ones who have had this problem!

*Happy Labor Day everyone! :)

Oh, no!

The v-e-t warned us that fleas were a real problem in our parts but his warnings went unheeded. It was assumed that indoor mancats would be safe. The beans got lax with the treatments and what do you know...

someone's got FLEAS!

(Yea, it's Rufus.)

Any of you lovely readers have any good remedies to get rid of these fleas? We would love to hear them!

Silence While Rufus Is Being Cute Please

This is his "Shut Up & Look At How Cute I Am" face. I think we all have no choice but to obey.

A Big Thank You To The Monkeys! :)

Rufus has been meaning to show off the fabulous toy he won from the even more fabulous Monkeys! It's been due for months!

It's very good exercise when Rufus actually gets up and chases the ball.

He wants you to look deep, very deeeeeep into his eyes.

This is the best picture I could get of Rufus playing with the toy. Sometimes he likes to use toys as pillows more than playthings! (Here he's doing a little of both. Feline multi-tasking at its best, yes?) It can't be helped!

We plan to review this toy soon! Thanks again, Samson and Delilah!

Don't Be Fooled By This Box of Cherries!

It's been a while since Rufus parked his butt in a box. To mitigate your withdrawal...

Don't you just love how he props his head up on the edge of the box? As if he would use his own neck muscles!

Dinner With An Extra.. Something!

See this?

I asked my boyfriend to feed Rufus the other night. I didn't think much of it until I walked by Rufus' bowl and saw the above. Yes, folks...that is mozzarella cheese. I am not sure what possessed him to sprinkle extra cheese on the cat's dinner but it cracked me up.

"Happy or Hungry? Deciphering Cat Purrs"

CBS released a short piece titled, "Happy or Hungry? Deciphering Cat Purrs" today!

Did you know some cats can vocalize their purrs differently when they are hungry? It's supposed to sound like a baby's cry and thus mobilize humans to feed them quicker. Clever!

I'm not sure Rufus knows how to emit the high pitched purr/meow but he always answers out loud when I ask if he's hungry!

That's Not A Pillow!!

Cats like naps. Naps usually require pillows. Whether they are of the feather-filled variety or a pair of tucked cat legs...

...but a hair dryer?!